Nana Tornado Blast Prophetess Cecelia Marfo In A Video

Nana Tonardo has also joined the queue of people who are reigning insult on prophetess Cecelia Marfo for what she did to Joyce Blessing whiles she was performing at Unity Annual Thanksgiving Service in Kumasi.

In a video made by Tonardo, he stated that, the prophetess don’t have the right to tell the gospel act to go back to her husband as it’s her choice to make and also reigned some insults on the prophetess claiming her acts were uncalled for and unnecessary.

Cecelia Marfo after snatching the microphone from Joyce Blessing and telling her to go back to her husband has received a lot of backlashes from the mass as most claim what she did was not right and others also claimed she was controlled by the Holy Spirit and thus has no choice but to do as the Holy Spirit instructs.

Watch the video below:

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