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Horror Video: No Makeup of Bobrisky with Full Beard and Acne Riddled Face Pops Up Online

Every once in a while, we are given a reminder of the real face and looks of Okuneye Idris aka Bobrisky.

The king, or queen, of online branding and marketing, Bobrisky does very well to keep her real looks away from us and presents us with the most filtered version of her reality.

However, every once in a while, an unapproved photo or video of Bob pops up online and reality sets in once again.

Bobrisky knows this, which is why she freaks out whenever she’s in public and fans try to take photos or videos without her knowledge.

In fact, Bobrisky is on record to have said you cannot take a photo of her unless you have a high quality iPhone.

Therefore, you just know whenever these unauthorized photos or videos of Bob comes out, they will be good!

A new video of Bobrisky has popped up and it’s literally scaring fans online.

The video shows Bob with messed up makeup thus exposing his real face.

The video shows him as he wakes up every morning – with acne riddled face and full beard!

Those are the things Bobrisky has been hiding behind thick clay makeup and posting the finest pictures every day.

Once again, we get the clear indication that do not always believe what you see on social media!


Watch Bobrisky below…


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