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No Musician Can Disrespect Me Because They Don’t Feed Me – Rex Omar Fumes

Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Rex Omar has established that he won’t tolerate any form of disrespect from any young artiste because none of them feeds him.

It has been the case that GHAMRO and MUSIGA executives have labelled as ‘disrespect’ the manner in which some new crop of musicians have communicated their grievances to them in recent times.

It can be recalled that scores of music stakeholders including young musicians have described the two groups headed by some veteran musicians including Rex Omar, Diana Hopeson as incompetent and only focused on amassing wealth instead of being concerned about the wellbeing of members.

But reacting to such, Rex Omar maintained that he has done nothing wrong to merit insults. According to the veteran highlife musician, the fact that he respects himself well-enough and doesn’t go around begging for money from anyone is enough reason for him not to be disrespected. “Sometimes the way and manner some legends in the industry carry themselves give the current musicians opportunity to disrespect them.

No current or upcoming musician can disrespect me because I won’t give you that opportunity to disrespect me. I’m not broke because I worked hard to get money so I will never go and beg any current musician for survival for the person to get the opportunity to disrespect me,” he stated on Angel FM. “When it comes to stage performance, I can perform better than some of the current musicians and when it comes to music, I have a lot of popular songs than some of the current musicians so they have no reason to disrespect me,” he explained.




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