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“ Osei Kwame Despite has been very ungrateful to me for what I did for him” – Judas said in tears.

Judas was an actor who always did movies with Santo until Santo passed away. In fact, talking about legends in the Ghana movie industry, one can never leave them behind. They really entertained Ghanaians.

He is now living abroad where he is facing life alone. In fact, this man was ones a star but now, he is really suffering abroad. That is, his financial issues are not healthy at all.

This man was recently interviewed on Aggressive interview by Kwaku manu where he shared his life problems. He is now in abroad without any one and he is very lonely. But coming to Ghana, he has nothing to earn from.

According to him, he was the one who helped Osei Despite when he was very poor and now he has become rich, he has forgotten everything he and Santo did for him.

According to him, when they were stars and famous in Ghana, they used to do audio cassette for Osei Kwame Despite to sell and make money.

Also, he was part of those who came with the idea for Osei Kwame Despite to establish the peace fm that we hear from them today.

He continued that Osei Kwame Despite promised not to turn his back for them when he becomes successful but today, Osei Kwame Despite is rich and has not even decided to look for him.

Kwaku manu therefore pleaded with Judas that he is going to make sure that message reaches Osei Kwame Despite because he can even do more than taking care of him.

For Kwaku manu, Osei Kwame Despite has been doing a very great job for the needy and jobless and maybe, he has just forgotten but if he remembers him, he can help him.

This is what Judas said about Osei Kwame Despite


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