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Policeman caught on tape kissing lady who flouted COVID-19 protocols

A policeman has been suspended from the service after a video of him kissing a lady who had flouted a COVID-19 protocol went viral.

The world is fighting the novel coronavirus which has taken the lives of many with others still in critical condition at various hospitals.


As such there have been some protocols set aside to help prevent the spread of the virus which has been dclared by the WHO as a pandemic.

A police officer in Peru has been suspended after he was caught kissing a woman he arrested and was going to fine for breaching a Covid curfew.

In this video, the police officer is seen locking lips with the lady as she appeared to bribe him with a kiss to swap the penalty charge after breaking coronavirus restrictions.

According to local media, the unnamed officer was forced to temporarily leave his job amid an ongoing investigation carried out by authorities in the Peruvian capital Lima.



Watch the video below:


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