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Sad story of Ghanaian mother whose husband used their son for money rituals

A single mother of three kids, in a very terrifying narrative, has recounted how her husband used their first child for money rituals known as ‘sakawa.’

In an interview with DJ Nyaami of SVTV Africa, Rita Tetteh Korkor stated how she had emphatically refuted her husband’s decision to use their firstborn son for money rituals.

In her account, she said that she was initially against her husband going in for the ritual because she knew a human sacrifice would be required.

Tetteh Korkor, the mother, revealed that her husband still went ahead with the ritual ignoring her advice.

She said during the interview that, ”He came home with an item, hanged it in the room, and warned us not to touch it.”

Following this, their first son fell seriously ill and she later came to realise it was the repercussions of her husband’s ritual.

In fear of what would happen, Tetteh expressed that she left her marital home. ”When my son fell ill, I realised he used my son for the money ritual. So I told my parents about it, and sought help for my son,” she added.

Furthermore, she mentioned that her husband was asked not to speak of his dealings to anyone or else, the money ritual would end up fruitless.

Tetteh Korkor also said that her husband labelled her a witch for being a protective mum.




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