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Sister Derby blasts lady for calling her a lesbian

Musician Sister Derby proved to an anti-fan she is not only good with punchlines, but defending herself when the need arises.

The nerves of the African Mermaid, as she calls herself, was touched when a netizen suggested she is into lesbianism after she broke up with rapper Medikal.

The lady, with Instagram handle Spe.cial1994, reached the conclusion after Sister Derby posted a cozy picture with her best friend.

Sister Derby was seated in a Jacuzzi, facing her friend and colleague, Yakoto, who was positioned in a chair, with her hands in her mouth.

Sister Derby blasts lady for calling her a lesbian 1

Sister Derby did not find the lesbian tag funny and took a minute to address the 1 of 501 comments that caught her eye.


Without mincing words, Sister Derby described the lady as “very stupid and childish for such a sexist, misogynistic and patriarchic comment.”

She further advised the lady to seek therapy as she believes she is probably obsessed with sex.

sister derby

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