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Songstress Mzbel fires stray bullets amid Afia Schwarzenegger and Ayisha Modi’s beef

Afia Schwarzenegger and Ayisha Modi are seriouly jabbing each other on their respective social media handles with ‘killer punches’ and revelation of some deep secrets.

Reacting to the beef, Mzbel, who is Afia Schwarzengger’s ex-friend and confidant, quoted the famous biblical verse about laziness: ‘the devil finds work for idle hands.’

She said she is just a female boss building her empire and winning with receipt, indirectly suggesting that Afia and Ayisha have no work to do, hence their beef.

“The devil finds work for idle hands ampa! Well… I’m Just a female boss building her empire and winning with receipt,” Mzbel captioned a photo she posted on her Instagram page.


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