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Twene Jonas flaunts $1.5million in new video

Twene Jonas seems obsessed with proving to Ghanaians who have called him a penniless loudmouth that he has indeed made it.

A new video shows the socialite flaunting wads of dollars he claims to be worth $1.5million while on the phone.

The US-based Ghanaian social media sensation is famous for lambasting Ghanaian leaders and comparing the American standard of living to Ghana’s.

Twene Jonas has on numerous ocassions bashed politicians asserting that the only difference between developed nations and Africa is poor leadership.

He is in his own right an anti-corruption advocate who is on a quest to uncover the unscrupulous actions of politicians in the country.

Claiming to be in the mainstream music industry in the USA, Twene Jonas calls himself a millionaire and has attributed his success to the system in the States.

On the other hand, some Ghanaians have called his bluff and have called him a homeless immigrant living a fake life.

Meanwhile, a new video shows the socialite seated next to bundles of dollars while a song he featured on with upcoming American rapper and friend Say Da Don played in the background.

Could all this be for fame and recognition or is Twene Jonas truly a millionaire like he claims to be?


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