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Two teens caught on camera skillfully stealing Iphone in a shop [Video]

Face of an Iphone thief who thought he outsmarted a shop attendant has been splashed on social media after a CCTV exposed his deed.

There are people who believe in looking good and wearing the best of the best…..For some of these people, working hard to ensure they can afford these things is the only way they know how to maintain their lifestyle.

For others however, ensuring they own the latest gadgets or designer wears by hook or crook is the only way to remain trendy. One of such is a young man currently trending on social media.

The young man , who was in the company of a female escort, was captured in the viral tape skillfully snatching a phone from a show counter.

An unseen person on the tape is heard lamenting why he reached out for the “expensive phone” believed to be an iPhone.

As though he was interested in buying a phone accessory he picked, the mid-adult quickly snatched one of the unboxed phones on the top of the counter.


He successfully hid it under the accessory he picked, before transferring the phone to his left hand which he kept hidden.

His action was so fast and skillful that the attendant had no wind of the thievery happening right before her eyes.

It is unclear if the female escort was aware of the crime as the video did not capture her involvement.

Watch the video below :


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