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Valentine’s Day is Demonic – Prince David Osei + Video

Top-tier Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei has revealed his reason for not celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide each year on February 14. It is characterized by a show of love and affection by families, lovers and even friends.

The actor, however desists from engaging in Valentine’s day celebrations. According to him, the rationale behind Valentine’s Day is evil and demonic. He also belives that he can show love whenever he wants and does not need a specific day to do so.

“I don’t believe in Valentine neither am I a fan of Valentine. I don’t think it’s right for anybody to set a day aside for me to show love to my loved ones or show affection to the people I care about. I’m not a fan of it besides the rationale behind Valentine is not a good one. It’s evil, it’s demonic. So st. Valentine’s day or whatever I am not part of it,” Prince David Osei said in a video.



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