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VIDEO-“Asante Men have Small Koti”- Afia Schwarzenegger; Take fight from Twene Jonas To Ashanti Men.

Controversial Ghanaian actress and comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger aka Fufu funu, is refusing to let her fight with Twene Jonas die-off she is now taking the fight up to other Asanti men.


Afia Schwar has now taken the fight to a whole new level as she has involved all Ashanti men, apparently.

Afia Schwarzenegger has said that Ashanti men are weak in bed ecause their p*nis are not big enough!

She revealed she had experienced Northerners and Ewes and can vouch that they are very good in bed, but not the Ashantis.

According to Schwar, because they are not good in bed, they always brag about money and try to buy their way into a woman’s heart with expensive gifts.


She asserted her statement is going to cause some sort of confusion among the public but as usual, she didn’t care and rather rained curses on anybody who will take offence by her statement.

Watch Video Below:




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