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Video: Brother of Ama Broni Revealed what actually killed her sister

Kwame Disturb the brother of Ama Broni the slay queen who dɨed at a musical concert at Kasoa Liberia camp has revealed what actually kɨlled.

Speaking to Ola Michael on Neat Fm’s ‘Ye Ko Fie’, Kwame Disturb refuted claims that her sister was fɨngeɤed or sɛxʋally abused by men to death.
He after she was done performing on stage she stepped on a live wire backstage which electrocuted her to dɛath.

On rumors that her sister went nakɛd on stage because she was competing for $100, he said it’s not true as she went nakɛd because of over excitement and that the guy’s whose song she performed promised her $100 for good performance and not for necessarily going nakɛd.



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