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Video: I Lead Ghanaian Artistes 10 Years Ahead-Shatta Wale Brags

Shatta Wale has shared in his arrogance again as he brags on live stream session about his level in music as compared to his other colleagues.

Wale who was nicely advising the younger musicians on the steps to take in other to make a living out of music suddenly went to the next level with his comments as he insults his colleague artistes.

He stated that no one in the industry should refer to him as a fellow artiste because he has graduated from the level they are all currently at as most of them beg for show while shows beg him.

Shatta Wale categorically mentioned that he leads his co-musicians 10 years ahead and there is no way any of them would reach his level since as they move high, he also goes higher.

Watch the video below:


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