Video Of Efia Odo Having Sp£rms All Over Her Face Causes Stir

Clout chasing is a very common tool among celebrities who crave attention and as a result most of these stars constantly go onto social media to create controversies to gain attention.

Thus social media vixen Efia Odo is much adored by her fans evidently because of her need for attention, she relentlessly fill her fanbase in on whatever she does.

This Friday, January 22th 2020, Efia Odo unlike her habit of posting a sexy and partially nude photos, instead she published a video of herself presumably after she had just woken up to get started for the day.

However, it not her morning face but an unusual sticky substance on her face that had many people guessing what that could possibly be.

Efia being the type of person who can go the extra mile for the attention of her fans, many are suggesting that what is on Odo’s face could be a sticky substance eased by a male partner when having s£xually intimacy.

Nonetheless being a fact-oriented news portal, we can not draw such conclusions. We leave it to readers to draw their own conclusions after watching the video she posted.



Watch video below

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