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Video of Sid¡ki Diabat£ £x-girlfriend Mamacita Sow hits online

Wild clip of popular Malian musician Sidiki Di¶bate £x- girlfriend, Mamacita Sow has set tongues wagging on social media.

Sidiki Diabaté has been detained since Thursday, September 24 at the central prison of Bamako in Mali. He is accused of having kidnapped and assaulted his ex-partner Mamacita Sow.


It all started, in fact, with certain images posted on social networks, presenting the swollen body of the young lady of Guinean origin.

According to afriqueshowbiz, the latter did not go through four ways to point the finger at the talented Malian singer as the author of these blows and injuries that she says she suffered .

While the incarceration of S¡diki Diabaté gives rise to hot discussions on social media , the beautiful Mamacita Sow finds herself, once again, at the heart of a big scandal that somewhat tarnishes her credibility.


Indeed, a clip has dropped online , in which we can clearly see the £x-partner of the Prince of Kora, indulging in £r0tic t0uching.

This clip , which has gone viral on the web, has given rise to numerous comments from Internet users.

For some, this is a stunt by the Sidiki Diabaté camp, for fans of the singer, this video, probably filmed by Mamacita Sow herself.


These pro-Sidiki Diabaté maintain staunchly that in no case should credit be given to a girl who engages in this kind of practice….





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