Watch Slay Queen turns her Instagram page to a p0rn site

Slay Queen
Slay Queen

Cash starved and lazy Slay Queen , who want quick money without toiling, have turned her social media into brothels.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced some Slay Queens to become online wh0re after clubs, where they used to go and hawk flesh, were shut down to curtail spread of the virus.


Instagram is one of the social platforms that these young ladies , commonly known as slay queen peddle flesh by advertising their goodies.

They are openly displayed on Instagram, the same way old school call-girls openly peddle flesh at Nkrumah circle.

A case in point is this lady who is advertising her goodies online like tomatoes in a market.


She posts teaser videos and then asks for money from k£r£wa starved men who want to see more.


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Check out some of her posts below 



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😋 😋 😋…

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Wait for it… 😜😜

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