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Wendy Shay curse Keche Joshua for mocking her

Ghana Beyonce, Wendy Shay descend heavily on Joshua of Keche fame after accusing the later of mocking her.

The singer who launched ‘Bring back pray for the world’ Hashtag in a fresh tweet threw some serious shots at Joshua, saying his wife should be ashamed of him just as he should be ashamed of himself as an old artist, a man to be precise trying to mock a young artist who is a woman.

She told the Sokode hitmaker his daughter will receive a fair share of his actions today  “They will do worse to your daughter”. She then stated emphatically that she is not on drugs and not going through any stress as many thinks think.

Wendy Shay curse Keche Joshua for mocking her 1

Even though we are yet to gather the exact words of Keche Joshua that triggered our madam took as a form of mockery to react in such manner, it certainly looks like he said something concerning Her deleted song.

The RuffTown record signee’s Pray for the world song has been taken down by YouTube with claims the singer somehow sampled the popular ‘Jerusalema’ beat for it.


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