Yaw Dabo Suffers Heartbreak From A Pretty White Lady – Video

Yaw Dabo
Yaw Dabo

Comic actor Yaw Dabo, was not in a good place after he suffered heartbreak from a pretty young white lady.

The comic actor tried to use his comic style to woo this beautiful lady but unfortunately for him, the lady was just not into all the gimmicks by Yaw Dabo.


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This no interest of the white lady lead to her rejecting Yaw Dabo’s proposal to be his girlfriend. Yaw Dabo said to the lady he wanted them to move their friendship to a different level which the girl was obviously not ready for it.

After the rejection, Yaw Dabo admitted he was heartbroken getting to the end of the video. However, the video looked like more of a skit and not real but the acting skills of Yaw Dabo made many believe it was real.

Video below;


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