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Young man warns girlfriend not to attack sidechic after he was caught cheating [Video]

To cull tension and avoid unnecessary drama, a young man caught cheating by her girlfriend warned her not to touch her sidechic.

Apparently, the sidechic eas caught in the room with the guy and immediately came out to leave.

The main chic went into the room and started confronting her boyfriend, Sheriff. Out of modesty, the sidechic decide to apologize to the main chic for the inconvenience caused.

Sheriff realized that her girlfriend would like to capitalize on the modest attitude of her sidechic and attack her so he decided to issue a stern warning.

He ordered the girlfriend not to touch the sidechic or face his wrath. At that moment, the sidechic had already gone on her knees to apologize feverishly to the main chic.

The drama that could have ensued was nicely dealt with with the earlier warning Sherif gave. The warning took the air out of the sails of the main chic who had wanted to jump and pounce on the poor sidechic.

Check Out Video Below:



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