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14 Years Old Boy Sentenced For Stealing A Van In Ashaiman

A 14 years old boy has been given a 6 months sentence to the Junior Correctional Centre in Agona Swedru. This is where persons who commit crimes and are under the age of 18 years are taken to. The young boy stole a bus in Ashaiman, a Toyota Fish Van with car number GT 650-19.

The driver of the bus said he had parked the car at a filling station and gone home at about 7 in the evening.

A colleague driver called him to ask why he did not respond when he called him in his car. He replied that he had parked his car and that he was home. The friend told him he saw his car being driven towards Valco flats. The driver quickly left the house with a motorbike to the filling station and found out his car was not there. He hurriedly drove towards Valco flats and saw his car. He stopped the car and found a young boy in it.

He together with those around was so amazed that they could not beat him as would have. They then took him to the Police Station. The boy has different car keys which he uses in such operations.

The boy confessed that it was a by the name of Stanley who sent him to steal the car. According to the Police, this is not the first time the boy has committed such a crime. In July, he was taken to court for the same offense.

However, the court pardoned him because of his age and how amused they were about the situation. They charged his parents to ensure that the boy put up the good behaviour.

His parents were asked to be bringing him to court at appointed periods for the police to be checking on him if he is putting up the good behaviour. He was undergoing this process when he committed this crime. This time the court gave a sentence of 6 months to the Junior Correctional Centre.


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