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2 murderous brothers butcher father and sister; one shot in a face-off with armed police

A father and his daughter have been butchered in the Techiman North District of Offuman in the Bono East Region, has confirmed from the police.

Bona Acherekuu, 27 and Zangu Francis, 40 both brothers had butchered their father John Ziema, 60 and sister Puopella Daayong 40, at Buom cottage near Offuman.

Police at Tuobodom revealed to this portal that two armed policemen in the company of a complainant were dispatched to the scene of the crime but on arrival met suspects wielding cutlasses stained with blood.

On seeing the Police, both started advancing towards them but were warned to stop and drop their cutlasses but they disregarded the warning and were still advancing with one raising the cutlasses to butcher the Police in a very aggressive mood.

A warning shot was fired by the said Sergeant to scare them but they did not surrender as all available means to stop them failed and in order for them to save their lives, one of the policemen aimed and shot at the knee of suspect Bona Acherekuu.

Both of them immediately dropped their cutlasses, were overpowered, arrested and taken to the police station.

The victims were rushed to Wenchi Methodist Hospital for treatment whilst suspect Bona Acherekuu was sent to Holy Family Hospital at Techiman for treatment. Police late visited victims and suspect respectively at both Hospitals where they were met on admission responding to treatment.






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