Abbeam Institute Of Technology Descends On Detractors Heavily, Says He’s Not Fraudulent


The Founder of the Abbeam Institute Of Technology in Kasoa, Rev Dr Abbeam Ampomah Danso has waged war against people who wants to destroy, distract and blackmail him to allow loose focus on the good things he’s doing.

According to him, people have deliberately designed a certain agenda by trying to paint him black to students who have been enrolled at the institution and also tarnish his hard won image in the tertiary education industry.

Speaking to Alex Donkoh said, he has spotted a news item circulating in the social media that students of the institution have sued him for fraud.

He has explained that, nothing of this sort have been received by the institution and that the News out there is fake and must not pay any attention to it.

Rev Dr Abbeam Ampomah Danso have however revealed that he sometimes feel so amazing that people try to destroy someone who is taking a good Steps to put the country into a good shape.

He has also revealed that if this will continue then he prefer staying away from his good deeds that’s helping the less previlleged and if possible can even stay away from doing the will of God.

Finnaly, he has handle the case to the kasoa police for further investigation , anyone who is among of this issues would appear before court.

And some of the students who are among of this fake News, they are names has been appear according to the investigation he has done.

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Abbeam Institute Of Technology Descends On Detractors Heavily, Says He's Not Fraudulent 1

one of them is STEPHANIE NYAMIKYE and she is the leader of those students they sent fake News to the media ,which she has not even pay her school fees .

As a founder of Abeam Institute of Technology, he would make sure everyone who is among would face him at court to tell the reason why they want to paint him black.

By : Alex Donkoh /

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