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Video: Ahanta West: Man exhumes dead body on God’s orders to resurrect it

A 28-year-old man whose name is given as Elijah is reported to have exhumed a body from its grave to bring the person back to life.

This is said to have happened at Nyameyekrom, a town in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region.

According to eyewitnesses, Elijah says he wants to live up to his name and work like the prophet Elijah did in the days of old. He says he was directed by the voice of the lord to exhume the body of a dead person and through prayer, raise the person from the dead so that the work of the Lord will be manifested.

Elijah in a video that is available on social media is heard indicating that he does not intend to disclose where he exhumed the body and is ready to face any authority that comes his way including the Ghana Police Service.

“Every individual here should take photos and videos of me and put it on social media because we need to spread the word of God. I’m not doing this for fame and you can ask those who come to me for help whether God doesn’t provide for them. People believe in lesser gods but can’t believe in God. If you’re here God says have a change of mind.

Wherever you take me to I’m ever ready to show up. They should call the police to come and take me away and I’m ready for it. God says I should tell the world to change their ways,” he said.

Nyameyekrom are in a state of shock by the action of the young man with some residents describing it as sacrilege.









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