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Allow prophets to operate fully, good things come through them – Bishop Salifu Amoako

The Founder of the Alive Chapel International, Archbishop-elect Salifu Amoako, has urged persons in authority who seek to suppress the work of prophets to be guided not to do so.

He explained that while it may seem that prophecies are only aimed to exact doom on people, the reverse is also a great advantage that should be considered.

He explained the biblical references to prophesying, adding that prophecies help the people they come to more than they might seem to be for their doom.

“We need to understand as a people, the Bible said God reveals to redeem, so anytime God reveals something, it’s for our own good because God reveals to redeem. Any time God reveals a mystery or a secret, it means that he wants to do something about it but if there is a revelation and there is no prophet to carry that assignment, it means that the person is eventually going to die.

“But maybe if you allow the prophet to reveal it, God will use the prophecy to give you another direction to save your life. So, I believe that it’s not only people dying but there are other sides – good things that come from prophesying. So, I believe that they should allow the prophets to operate fully because it’s not going to help anybody; it’s not going to help the nation,” he said.

Archbishop-elect Salifu Amoako said this to GhanaWeb on the sidelines of the December 31, 2021, all-night service at his church.


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