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Building stronger economy: Let’s pray for our leaders – Rev. Dr Markwei

The General Overseer of the Living Streams International, Rev. Dr Ebenezer Markwei, has called on Ghanaians to rise up and pray for the leadership of the country.

He said with challenging times still biting from the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, general rising cost of living and the government’s desire to raise resources from taxes to provide amenities for its citizens, God remained a critical source of hope and intervention to keep things on course.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic, Dr Markwei said although 2022 was going to be a tough year, through God’s intervention, things would become better, and that it behoved everyone to do his or her bit.

“We are going to go through difficulty and it is looming; you don’t need a prophet to tell you this. It is, therefore, necessary that we pray for our leaders, be they the Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary or the Council of State, so that God will give them guidance and the needed wisdom to govern the affairs of state,” he stressed.


Rev. Dr Markwei said promises of better living conditions had not been realised, although it could be said that there was relative peace in Ghana.

He, however, said that peace could be threatened if people’s expectations were not met and if they continued to go through hardships, as had happened in other jurisdictions, and it might lead to agitation, hence the need for prayers for God to give the leaders what they required to.

“The E-levy is around the corner, and the way the economy is going, there have to be more taxes. Petrol prices are not going to drop to GHc4 or GHc3; that is not going to happen, and this is the reality.

“Things are going to get tight, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And the tough are those whose reliance is on God. The Name of the Lord is a strong tower — the righteous run to it and are saved,” he said.

He said while the leaders were being supported with people’s hard work and prayers, they (leaders) too must show good leadership by setting good examples.

Rev. Dr Markwei stressed that as leaders, they would be required to take some bold and hard decisions that might not be welcomed by some but would be necessary for the general well-being of many.

“When that time comes, the leaders should show the way and not take the decisions because of pressure,” he intimated.


The General Overseer of the Living Streams International said the trend had been for people to agitate for better social and economic conditions, a situation that could affect the smooth administration of the affairs of the country.

“These are the trends that you see, but I pray that God finds a way; as I said, peace on earth, goodwill towards all men,” he said.

He indicated that in almost every country, there was one form of agitation or another, which sometimes spilt over into neighbouring countries, adding that although Ghana had been largely spared the impact, it would still require God’s grace to keep things as they had been.

“We need grace in these times. Our borders are rocking with noise of war — we hear it in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Nigeria. These are some of the ingredients; when people lose hope in leadership, this is what happens,” he stressed.


Rev. Dr Markwei said God’s plan for Ghana remained Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill towards all men.

He said Ghana was at a central position, prophetically speaking, adding: “We are the light of Africa; we are the people who other nations look up to; we are the beacon of hope for other people. Our democracy is something that people talk about.”

He said Christians must, therefore, be concerned and begin to start uplifting the nation, as all sorts of things were creeping up its borders.

Those, he said, included lifestyles that were affecting the country’s traditional moral values, culture and practices.




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