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Busted: Don Little never met US presidential candidate Joe Biden [Watch Video]

Diminutive actor, Don Little yesterday shared a photo on Instagram of meeting US presidential candidate while on his stay in the country.

Fact check proves that the Ghanaian actor pulled off a lie that worked momentarily because the little boy in the photo had a close resemblance to the Ghanaian actor Don Little.

The truth of the matter is that Don Little never met Joe Biden as he purported.

Analytical Proof of The Lie Told By Don Little

US presidential candidate, Jeo Biden about July 9, 2020,  went on a campaign visit to his childhood school in Detriot, Michigan, where he interacted with the kids at the school. Joe Biden posted a photo of his visit where he was kneeling before a boy who looked like Ghana’s Don Little. The photo came with the caption,

Our children are a constant reminder of why I’m in this fight. We need to build an economy that gives them and their families a fair shot. We need to root out systemic racism so they grow up in a more just nation than we have now. We need to combat climate change so there’s a world left for them to thrive in. I believe in a better future for our children and will fight for them until the very end.


Probably, Don Little decided to take advantage of the post to trend since the boy in the photo looked so much like him.

However, a second shot of the boy from a different angle shows the real identity of the boy who could be seen not to be Don Little

.Watch the video below:




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