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Citi FM And TV Are Only Interested In Defending Crime And Shielding Criminals- Kevin Taylor Fumes

The Ghanaian US based investigative journalist, Kevin Ekow Taylor has angrily replied Citi FM and TV for publishing some news about him. He was very angry and stated that both Citi TV and Citi FM are only interested in defending crime and shielding criminals.

Kevin Taylor stated that:

Citi Fm and Tv under the management of Samuel Atta Mensah and Bernard Avle is a cunning media house with no integrity whatsoever in holding political office holders accountable.

They have proven to be a media house interested in defending crime and shielding criminals.

Since 2017, I have done mind blowing scandals upon scandals but because they are to a large extent beneficiaries of these crimes, they never saw the need to report them.

The earlier the few who hold them in high esteem understand that Citi fm is not any different from Oman and Asaase Radio which are Pro-NPP media houses, the better.

They are always on the watch in reporting Negative news about Kevin Taylor but not the positive of what we do at Loud Silence Media.

Myself and my crew have done jawbreaking scandals under this government notably is glaring daylight robbery PDS but not for a single occasion did Citi Fm publish our findings and how Gabby was negotiating shares with his accomplices in an audio.

You know why, because Sammens who is the managing director of Citi is a friend to Gabby Asare Darko.

Gabby made Akufo Addo appoint Sammens as the boss of the Coastal Belt Development whatever till he resigned for whatever reason.

This big stomach Sammens guy was the lead witness when Gabby took me to court on GHANA for doing the PDS Scandal and exposing his corrupt deeds against Ghanaians.

Such a character goes about defending crime against his own listeners.

It’s a fact that if you combine the monthly streams of all Citi Fm and Tv programs in a Month, our daily views on just With All Due Respect beats them hands down.

We have multiple channels that pick our streams and we go live in 22 other African Countries.

My station have numbers than Citi Tv and Fm and we will continue to leverage on these numbers in telling the masses the truth about Sammens and his corrupt cluster of buffoons.

These foolish idiots are uncomfortable with the swift paradigm shift in the Ghanaian media space because myself and other truth speakers are liberating the vulnerable masses they have for years taken advantage of their ignorance.

We shall continue to speak truth and expose bad companies stealing from Ghana even if Bernard Avle and Samuel Atta Mensah decide to be alligators by seeing and hearing no evil.

It’s fascinating that some people still see the Bernard Avle guy as a clean guy.

What Scandal has the Avle guy done?

My single Scandal on PDS saved Ghana and its generation billions of cedis.

What do they even do at that lotto kiosk station in Adabraka ?

Come and read newspaper headlines and call politicians to rebuts ? Such idiots!😂.

Time difference is what is restricting myself and my team in entirely collapsing all bootlicking media houses in Ghana.

Citi Fm knows that if Loud Silence Tv start our morning show broadcast, we will collapse theirs concert because reasonable Ghanaians are fed up being fed with lies by bought journalist like Avle and his master Sammens who go about defending criminals.

PDS was a crime against Ghanaians, till date the revenues Gabby and his brothers collected from Ghanaians has not been accounted for yet Sammens was in court to defend such a crime against Ghanaians because it’s Kevin Taylor who blew their cover.

Ghanaians, please be wise and start boycotting corrupt media houses like Citi fm because they are there to serve the interest of Sammens who was an appointee of Akufo Addo and Bernard Avle who will never and can never confront Akufo Addo with the truth.

All that I seek to do and achieve with my Ghost team is to make sure Ghanaians living in Ghana enjoys Ghana, that’s all.

For those of us privileged to travel across the world to experience other countries, we know how selfless some Political office holders in these countries serve their people.

Some of us only came in to help, aside my parents and siblings in Ghana, I have absolutely nothing to lose when GHANA goes down!

Kevin Taylor made this statement known on loud silence TV social media wall today after Citi FM and TV published the news on their social media wall which Ghanaians also disagree with them like how Kevin Taylor did.

Citi FM And TV Are Only Interested In Defending Crime And Shielding Criminals- Kevin Taylor Fumes 1



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