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CLOGSAG issues Dec. 31 ultimatum to SSNIT over transfer of past credits

The forum for Public Sector Associations and Unions, says it will take action against the Social Security and National Insurance Trust, SSNIT, if it fails to transfer to public sector workers, monies accrued from their contributions by end of 31st December 2021.

The Unions indicated that in its last meeting with SSNIT dated 16th November, 2021, the management refused to declare modalities for the transfer of the credits due them.

The forum has also accused SSNIT of holding on to part of its Tier two funds for eleven years indicating that it is the weakest link in the implementation of the new pension scheme.

The Executive Secretary for CLOGSAG, Isaac Bampoe Addo, who spoke on behalf of the forum said, “the forum expected that at the last meeting held on 16th November 2021, the quantum of past credit in the custody of SSNIT would have been declared and modalities for the transfer of past credits laid on the table. Characteristic of SSNIT, it came to the meeting unprepared to further delay the process. The forum would no longer compromise on this matter. If by 31st December 2021, the past credits in the custody of SSNIT for the public sector schemes are not transferred, all constituents of the forum would advise ourselves,” he said.

In March 2021, CLOGSAG accused SSNIT of acting unprofessionally over ongoing negotiations on the payment of past credits to retirees.


Source: Citinews


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