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Close down Suhum court immediately – Dr. Kwaku Agyeman-Budu

The Facilitator General of the 13th Annual Chief Justice’s Forum, Dr Kwaku Agyeman-Budu, has called for the closure of the Suhum court in the Eastern Region due to its defective state.

According to him, the structure is not fit for purpose as residents have encroached the area while other mount speakers and tents while court proceeding are ongoing.

Speaking during a presentation at the 13th edition of the Annual Chief Justice’s Forum in Koforidua in the Eastern Region Dr. Agyeman-Budu said, “Funerals start on Fridays, so while the court is ongoing, people mount their tents and speakers there. So while court is in session, they do their own thing out there.”

“Luckily, that has been solved one way or the other but there was also another interesting thing in the sense that somebody actually raised a kiosk in front of the court premises,” quoted.

The annual Chief Justice forum creates the avenue for stakeholders in the administration of justice to deliberate on key issues in the justice sector and how they can work to enhance the efficiency of justice delivery in Ghana.

It also serves as a feedback mechanism for the service, where it gets to know the concerns of the public, in order to strategise to improve its service delivery. It further provides an opportunity for the service to disseminate information to court users and the general public on its operations to engender greater transparency and accountability.

A key feature of the Chief Justice’s Forum over the years has been breakout sessions where stakeholders are put into groups, with each given a sub-theme to deliberate on and give recommendations.

Source: Ghanaweb


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