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Don’t share only negative stories about us, share the positives too – Ghana Police

The Ghana Police Service has said that most often Ghanaians only make public their negative experiences with the force relegating the good things they do to the background

According to the Police, even though there are good experiences, people are only comfortable sharing negative experiences whiles they shield the positives.

The Police made this known in a reply to Comedian DKB who shared a positive review about the Ghana Police Service on Social Media comparing Ghana’s Police to what happens elsewhere in Africa.

The Police called on Ghanaians to not only share negative stories about the force but also put out the positive ones that will better their image and spur them to do more.

DKB in a tweet said “Hello @GhPoliceService I apologise on behalf of the ignorant Ghanaians who have been dragging and insulting you guys over the years. This Nigeria #EndSARS has made us realize how good we have it here. Africa’s best police outfit. I salute!”.

The Police replied “Thank you for sharing your positive experience with the Ghana Police, we often read the negatives. We hope that readers will share their positive stories too”.













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