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E/R: Queen mother dethroned over her ‘royal majesty’ title, misconduct

The Queen mother of the Bekai Royal Family in Akwamu Nana Asaa Safoa II has been destooled.

The destoolment was carried out by heads of the Bekai family in Abomosu, Kwahu, Akropong, Akwamufie, Anum, and Anlo after Nana Asaa Safoa II was traditionally impeached and found guilty of alleged disrespect, misconduct and abdicating her traditional responsibilities as Osomanyawahemea.

She was also accused of arrogating to herself the title Her Royal Majesty (HRM) and parading as Queen mother of Akwamu despite warning by the paramount Chief of Akwamu Traditional area Odeneho Kwafo Akoto II.

According to the family, all necessary traditional processes for the destoolment have been followed and fulfilled.The family has also initiated steps at the House of Chiefs to expunge the name of the sub Queen mother from the gazette.

The embattled Queen mother has since 2019 allegedly not stepped foot in Akwamu due to the destoolment but still holds herself out abroad and Accra as queen mother.

A petition written by Counsel of the Bekai family to Akwamu Traditional council with copies to Minister for Chieftaincy and Eastern Regional House of Chiefs states “ I write this petition for and on behalf of Osomyawa Abusua of Akwamufie represented by Abusua Panyin Francis Awuku Budu ,Abusuapanyin Kofi Agyekum Nuamah, Abusua Panyin Colonel (RTD) Ampey Oduro and four other persons in furtherance of a case filed on or about October 2019 in relation to the destoolment of the Queen mother of Bekai Family House (Nana Yaa Asaa Safoa II) situated in Akwamu traditional Area“.

The petition added ” It is well over two years since this matter was filed in the Akwamu Traditional council with the matter not having been heard due to variety of reasons which frankly we find non sustainable and un-convincing“.

Speaking to Starr News, the Abrewatia of Bekai Royal Family, Obaapanyin Akosua Nyama Botwe narrated “when you are being prepared to be installed as Osomanyawahemea, we make it clearly to you, traditional functions and responsibilities you have to fulfil but Nana Asaa Safoa II shirked all these responsibilities. Even Akwasidae she never attended. There was a ritual that was supposed to be performed on the stool she didn’t perform. She disrespected everyone including myself. She was not in talking terms with many of the family elders.

“The entire Bekai family summoned her she refused to appear before them. She disrespected Akwamuhemaa Nana Afrakoma II and Odeneho Kwafo Akoto Paramount Chief of Akwamufie that she does not recognize him as Chief” .

The Abrewatia said a lamb was therefore slaughtered at Kyebi and subsequently in Akwamufie.

The family, in line with tradition, sent the arm to Paramount Queen Mother of Akwamufie Nana Afrakoma II  for destoolment of a traditional ruler.

“So, she has been properly destooled and no longer recognized as Queen mother,” Abrewatia Obaapanyin Botwe fumed.

Abrewatia therefore issued a disclaimer and stern warning to persons dealing with the destooled queen mother Nana Saa Safoa II known in Private life Adelaide Duncan Onabanjo.

On his part, the spokesperson for the Bekai family Fred Aboagye Danquah said, Nana Asaa Safoa II ” has been legally destooled by the family because the family performed all the rituals to show that she has been destooled so if she goes round and say she is occupant of Nana Bekai stool it is not true .I emphasize that she has been destooled “.

The Queen mother of Akwamu Traditional Area, Nana Afrakoma II explained that, when the destoolment processes of Nana Saa Safoa II were initiated, she invited her on several occasions to Akwamufie but she turned down the invitation.

She stated that after failing to honour the August 10, 2019 meeting, Nana Saa Safoa II later called to reschedule the meeting to October 15, 2019 but still failed to attend the meeting.

“Nana Asaa Safo II did not honor the invitation on her own schedule date, but came to Akwamufie the following day, 16th October, 2019. I was told she had arrived; my elders were seated but we heard she has stormed out of the community and left to Accra, disrespecting everyone”.

When contacted, Nana Asaa Safoa II, declined comment on her destoolment saying “do due diligence“.




Source: Starrfm


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