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Family of Kaaka worried over lack of action on Ejura committee report

The family of Ibrahim Mohammed, popularly called Kaaka, has expressed worry over the delay in implementing recommendations made by the Ejura committee of enquiry.

According to the family, they are yet to be officially informed about the findings of the committee’s report and compensation to be given to victims of the shooting by some security personnel that left two residents dead and four others injured.

Addressing the media during a courtesy call by the family on the Peace Council, the lawyer for the family, Oliver Barker-Vormawor, called on the government to compensate the victims and assure the people of Ejura that justice will be served.

“The National Peace Council together with the Vice President and National Chief Imam all went to Ejura to speak with the victims and assured them that justice will be served. Since the report has come, the family has embarked on another visit to the National Chief Imam, they’ve requested to meet with the Vice President. They’ve now come to see the National Peace Council. Coming here is to recognize that the people have kept faith in those words and believed that if they trust these institutions, their voice will be heard, but it’s been 6 months,” he said.

“The urgency with which the president acted to get a committee and get them to release the report within 7 days, we haven’t seen that sense of urgency applied to moving forward and dealing with the report of the committee. A lot of them are hurt and are incurring debts to be able to take care of their physical and emotional injuries through the actions of our own military,” he said.

The family last month petitioned the Police Intelligence & Police Professional Standards (PIPS) requesting an inquiry into allegations of police misconduct during the Ejura disturbances.

According to the family, the report by the Ministerial Committee which investigated the unrest leveled allegations of misconduct and bribery against the police in Ejura.

It added that other allegations of corruption against Kaaka’s mother cast aspersions on the integrity of the police and that should also be investigated.

A statement from the family read, “the petition brought is to initiate an inquiry into the allegations of criminal and professional misconduct made against the Ejura police, in order that the necessary criminal and administrative sanctions may be applied”.


Source: Citinews


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