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Fire Guts Commercial Ford Bus After Running Over Speed Rump At Agona

It sounded as though there was something miraculous about an accident that happened at Apimanim near Agona Nkwanta in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region. A Ford bus caught fire shortly after the driver pulled over to the shoulders of the road to fix a burst tire.

One of the rear tires burst while driving over a speed rump on that stretch of the Tarkwa-Takoradi highway. All the passengers had gotten off the vehicle to ease the weight on the tires so the driver fixed it quickly. From nowhere, the very tire that was to be fixed was gutted in fire.

Suddenly the flames ran into the file tank and other fabric and combustible coatings in the car. Within minutes the entire vehicle was in flames. Passengers were alarmed and some of them quickly ran into the vehicle to salvage their belongings before things got out of hand.

An emergency call was placed on the National Fire Service but before they got there the fire had already consumed everything. The passengers stood still and in shock as they wondered what might have caused such an accident.

Many we’re thankful as there were no casualties in such a weird accident. Some feared some disaster could have befall them if they had not gotten their tire burst to compel them to move out of the car.

Some of the passengers returned to the vehicle to take a final look at the debris after the Fire Service personnel had extinguished the fire. All that was left were metal scraps and ashes from the burns.

But the driver of the commercial vehicle is seriously traumatised as a result of this accident. Recovering from such a great loss is profound unless with some insurance cover to help him and the property owner get back to business.

The Fire Service is expected to conduct an investigation into this accident to help the driver and the property owner initiate processes in recovering some benefits from their insurance providers. The vehicle was bound for Accra, and they had done just about one-tenth of the journey.


Source: Operanews


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