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Ga Mantse Loses Seat As Court Orders For Reinstatement Of King Adama Latse

The new Ga Mantse King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II may have his seat snatched from him in less than three month of occupying the stool. This is because of a ruling from the court ordering the reinstatement of the previous Ga Mantse King Adama Latteh II who was ousted in a strange manner.

It will be recalled that, the name of King Adama Latse II was sworn in as Ga Mantse in 2015. In 2017, he was removed from the palace by national security personnel who besieged the palace with heavily armed police and millitary officers. This created a protracted chieftency dispute in the Ga land.

In April this year, King Adama Latse who had been elected as one of the five Greater Accra regional representatives at National House of Chiefs had his name expunged from the register of Chiefs. This was after a ruling from Kumasi fast track had restrained King Adama Latse from holding himself as Ga Mantse until a court determines so. Before any court could make any determination, King Tackie Teiko was installed as new Ga Mantse amidst heavy security presence in July.

An aggrieved King Adama Latse filed a case against National House of Chiefs in Kumasi High court for unlawfully removing his name from the register of chiefs when he had been duly gazzeted as Ga Manste and also elected by his constituents to represent them at National House of Chiefs.

According to Kelvin Tailor the court pronounced it’s ruling on 11th November and ordered the National House of Chiefs to reinstate King Adama Latse in the register of Chiefs as Ga Mantse. The court gave the house of chiefs 14 days to do that.

A report filed by angelfmonline adds that, the court awarded GHC 25,000.00 compensation to King Adama Latse and GHC 50,000.00 against the National House of Chiefs. The court observed that there could be only one Ga Mantse at any time and since no court or credible institution had lawfully removed King Adama Latse, the National House of Chiefs had no right to expunge his name.

The implications are that, King Adama Latse becomes the recognised Ga Mantse after he was forcefully removed some four years ago. On the other hand, King Tackie Teiko who is currently occupying the Ga stool automatically seizes to be Ga Mantse unless the court ruling is overturned by the Appeals court.



Source: CitizenOne




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