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Ghana Police Officer Caught With Substance Suspected To Be Illegal Drugs By Area Boys [Video]

A video trending shows the moment a Ghanaian Police Officer was caught with a substance suspected to be illegal drugs by unknown area men.

According to the video obtained by AfricaWish Media, the purported police officer with the identity known was apprehended while attempting to make a deal in which he suspected one of the locals of being a ghetto boy.

He was apprehended while interacting with a new client, with others claiming that the police officer in the video was going around different ghettos selling illegal substances to them, which he was doing for a living.

One of the men in the video giving an update on how some police officers are exploiting the law to sell narcotics to ghetto boys mentioned that they have been caught several times by the same policemen, resulting in them having to pay a fine or go to jail. If we were seen by police officials holding or selling illegal narcotics to individuals, it would be war, they said.

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