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Ghanaians enjoy it when politicians insult each other – Catholic priest laments

A Catholic Priest with the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish in Bolgatanga, Reverend Father Gabriel Atidor has argued that the use of intemperate and abusive language by politicians in their engagements is on the rise because Ghanaians enjoy it and reward them for it.

He lamented that Ghanaians seem satisfied with politicians exchanging their votes for small amounts of money instead of holding politicians accountable and criticising them when they go wrong, stressing that the worrying trend of the use of abusive language by politicians is a result of the direct and indirect endorsement of the citizenry.

Addressing a forum on the use of indecent language by political parties in Bolgatanga, organized by the Catholic Diocese of Bolgatanga-Navrongo, Thursday 8, 2020, Mr noted that because of extreme partisanship, Ghanaians are unable to hold politicians accountable.

“Sometimes, I have the feeling that we also expect the politicians to insult each other so that we can laugh, quote them and enjoy ourselves.

We have, by the way we have voted in the past, rewarded abusive language. So why won’t they continue it? I think that we Ghanaians are just satisfied with politicians handing us monies and other gifts. We are not critical enough to question the misdeeds of political parties and their leaders. We do not call them to order precisely because we ourselves are very divided on party lines,” he asserted.

He also criticised the two main political parties for failing to be part of the forum even though they had been invited in good time for them to be able to partake in the discussions.

The forum was organised by the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission to promote decent discourse among politicians and other stakeholders as the country heads to the December 7, 2020.







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