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GHOne TV Apologises Over Insensitive Sexual Assault Statement

GHOne television says it is sorry for its tweet about victims of sexual assault.

According to the station, it has realised that the tweet was insensitive to those who have been sexually assaulted and therefore it has apologised.

In the wake of reports that a Police Officer in the Bono Region harassed a female civilian, the station took to its Twitter handle to ask its followers if they were ever sexually assaulted and what they have done to warrant that treatment.

“Have you ever been sexually assaulted? What did you do to attract such treatment,” the station tweeted.

However, the tweet didn’t augur well with the public as it attracted some backlash over accusations that the station’s comment seemed to support sexual offenders.

Later however the subsidiary of EIB Group decided to eat a humble pie over the tweet, and withdrew it.

“We unreservedly apologised for our earlier post on sexual assault. The wording of our post was insensitive and we apologise for that. We are taking steps to avoid offending the sensibilities of any groupings in the future,” it said.

This is the second time the station has apologised to the public over a sexual related issue.

Back in 2020, the station apologized for telecasting pornographic materials on the channel at prime time when kids were glued to their television.

This was after the station was subjected to trolls on social media for televising pornography during primetime broadcasts.

In a statement apologizing for the slip, the station acknowledged that although the show on which the content was being televised is an X-rated show, there was no need for such content.




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