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Go to the harbour and see for yourself, there is nothing like paperless there – Captain Smart

Captain Smart has made it clear to Ghanaians that, there is nothing like paperless transactions at the harbours of Ghana.

He added that, every government bring on board ‘thieves’ to the harbour to frustrate business men and women.

“Who told you paperless is working there. Go to harbor and see things for yourself” He said.

He also added that what ever he says, there is an evidence backing it.

He therefore urged Ghanaians to stop sending him to court or prosecuting him because he will always prevail innocent and victorious.

He revealed that, whenever he mentions anyone’s name on his television or radio shows, it means he has enough evidence to prove his point. He added that, he cannot say anything on his platform without having enough evidences to back him up.

Aside this, Captain named some of the stress people go through at the port before clearing their goods. He says the workers or the managers over there do not care about Ghanaians but only their pocket.

“People items and good get missing everyday and still no one cares” He said.

He therefore urged Ghanaians to check their goods at the port from time to time as they go through the due processes or else their goods would be sold before the deadline of six months.


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