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Government awards contract for construction culverts at Fou Bridge

The government has awarded a contract for the construction of three more culverts at the Fou Bridge to stop annual flooding in the area.

The contract was awarded to Insaan Ghana Limited.

Residents of over eight communities located across the bridge, face challenges crossing the bridge as a result of the perennial flooding in the area.

In some cases, farmlands and homes are affected. The flood destroys properties worth thousands of Ghana cedis.

Government awards contract for construction culverts at Fou Bridge

The residents, who over the years, have petitioned the government to address the challenge, had their prayers answered earlier this year, when the Assembly awarded the contract.

This, however, did not bring the reprieve the townspeople sought.

According to residents, the bridge rather triggered an unprecedented flooding incident in the area on August 31, 2021.

Minister of Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako-Attah visited the area and promised some roads and drains would be redesigned and awarded for construction.

Government awards contract for construction culverts at Fou Bridge

In that regard, the government has awarded the contract to Insaan Ghana Limited who is expected to work on the roads around the Kalpohin and Fou areas including the bridge.

A representative of Insaan Ghana Limited, Alhassan Iddrisu, said they would be constructing three major culverts and reconstructing the storm drain which is currently silted.

“They have added 3 by 3 culverts to be done at the Fou-Taha Bridge. There is one there that is silted which was supposed to be cleared but before that will be done, we will construct an outpour drain to come and connect to the silted bridge” he said.

Government awards contract for construction culverts at Fou Bridge
Mr. Alhassan Iddrisu

Mr. Alhassan said the engineers have instructed that they expand the culverts.

“We will construct three of such bigger culverts, which is very large in such a way that it can contain all the outpour water that will come,” he said.

He explained that this will end the annual flooding in the area.

Mr. Alhassan said the contract includes construction of drains and road works along the Sanani and Fou area.

”We all know, when there is an intensive rain, everyone knows what happens around this area and as a result of that, we were fortunate to be awarded the project,” Mr. Alhassan said.

He said the project starts from the storm drain at Gumani linking to the cemetery area of Kalpohin, through the Global dream area, to the Oboye Azuman area, and then to the Fou/Taha bridge.

Government awards contract for construction culverts at Fou Bridge

He said the project, which is expected to be completed in the next six months, is almost 85 percent complete.

”We plan to finish the project before the next rains” Mr. Alhassan added.

The representative of Insaan Ghana Limited said they are almost done with the drains with just a few meters left to be done.

”We have started the earthworks as well, we will soon finish with that and continue with the bitumen surfacing,” he said.

In appreciation of what the Minister for Roads and Highways has done for them, members of the community presented a bull to him.

Ismail Halid Abu who spoke on behalf of the community said this is the single largest project the area has ever benefited from any government.

He said every rainy season, the community is submerged and homes and farmlands are destroyed.

“We are so appreciative to the Minister for this project,” Mr. Abu said.



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