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Gov’t appointee fights late Rawlings for the slow pace of Ghana’s dev’t

Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Old Tafo Municipal Assembly Lord Inusah Lansah is fighting the late Former President of Ghana Jerry John Rawlings for his inability to develop the country during his long period of 19 years as a military leader and democratically elected President .

Mr. Lord Inusah Lansah also accused the Former President of being power drunk.

“Somebody ruled the country for 19 years and did not bring all these. At the time we were struggling for power. While other countries were transforming their economies, Malaysia, China, South Korea, by then we were here enjoying power”

Hon Lord Inusah Lansah said this in an interview on Kumasi-based Akoma FM monitored by He made this statement in an attempt to compare the performance of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and that of his party New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Comparing the two parties, the MCE noted that, while the NPP keeps bringing onboard new innovations and good policies, the NDC on the other hand practiced otherwise.

“What did Kufuor not do for Ghanaians? Things that we never witnessed before; Kufuor brought them. Policies like, free maternal care, NHIS, among others; we bear witness to that fact”. Lord Inusah noted.

According to him, the brutal nature of Rawlings’ military rule in the country made many entrepreneurs flee the country at a time Ghana needed local investment most.

“Business people left the country under his leadership. This is what we were here doing”, he chided.

He further urged Ghanaians never to entrust the country into the hands of the opposition NDC because the party has nothing good on the table for the nation.

Jerry John Rawlings came to power in Ghana as a flight lieutenant of the Ghana Air Force following coup d’etat in 197. After handing over power to a civilian government, he took back to power on 31 December 1981 as the Chairman of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC).

In 1992, Rawlings resigned from the military, founded the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and become the first President of the Fourth Republic. He was re-elected in 1996 for four more years.








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