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Hardship in Ghana has affected Church collection, tithes – Pastor cries

A Man of God whose name has not been given has said that the bad state of Ghana’s economy has affected the church.

According to him, currently, people hardly go to church because they do not have money to give out and therefore have to stay home.

He said now Pastors have to call their congregation to come to church even if they do not have money; something which is worrying because the Church also needs money to undertake various projects.

The Pastor said the hardship has affected some Men of God who have even lost their wives because they cannot take good care of them.

“Two Pastors have had their marriages broken down all because of the bad economy. For one, anytime he will come home because he does not give out housekeeping money, the wife eats and leave him. The other day he went home to meet schnapps and other things left behind by his wife informing him that she has left the marriage. Times are hard and something needs to be done about it,” he told Angel TV.

He continued ” I’m 49 years old and so I have seen a lot in life. There has been hardship in Ghana under every President but this is worse. This is very worrying and with time a lot of people will stop coming to Church. When we complain they tag us as belonging to another political party but that is the reality on the ground”.



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