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Hot Video: Thieves ordered to slap each other after they were caught stealing

People wake up early in the cold mornings to go to work for their families, so that they can be able to take care of them and buy the things they need for their homes…

and there are those who do not work, they make their living out of stealing, and these two theives who were caught stealing had to slap each other after they were caught stealing.

These two guys who are probably friends sat, made a plan which they believed it was perfect, the day came and they went to execute their plan, little did they know that they will leave angry at each other accusing each other for slapping too hard.

A video shared on social media shows two guys who were literally forced to fight a simple but painful fight.

In the video, two guys who are accused of having been caught while stealing were sitting on the ground, slapping each other on the faces really hard with othe security officials who caught them telling them to either continue beating each other up, or they get beaten by the guys who caught them.

“Why do you steal? Why are you stopping? Who told you to stop? Should I tell my man to beat you?” one of the guys asked as the two felt they rather slap each other than get beaten by the security officials.


These guys should consider themselves lucky that they were not caught by the community since the outcomes could have been even more severe than they are when they were caught by the security services.

They could have probably been beaten and maybe got necklaced like we have seen it happening to many other thieves in Africa.


Watch the video below ;



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