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I was jailed for selling weed and cocaine in the U.S.A- Osei Tutu

Osei tutu is a very good actor and when it comes to criminal roles and he is the best in the kumawood industry. He had an interview with Kwaku Manu and it was very fascinating. He said he didn’t lack anything as a kid and he was living with his mother and his stepfather.

My dad was in the United States of America and I have never seen him before. My mom loves me and my stepfather had a lot of money so I used to steal some and use it for my stuff. My stepfather never found out because he had a lot of money.

When I was about 12 years, my dad made me come to the United States of America. My dad too was having a lot of money and he has bought his house in the U.S.A.

Sometimes when my dad comes back from work then I will steal some of his money and I will go out and chill. Later my dad took me to school and I was a very good student but I lost interest in school. I met some friends who showed me how to do a good business and get more money.

They showed me how to buy weed and cocaine and this business made me get a lot of money. I was in love with business and I lost interest in studying. Later I was caught and was jailed for selling weed for about three months. My father didn’t find out that I was arrested and I paid one officer a lot of money then he helped me to get my freedom.

Then I moved from my dad’s place and went to stay with my friend. My dad found out that I was misbehaving so he made me come back to God. When I came to Ghana I was about 16years then I went to Prempeh College. My seniors loved me because I was giving them money so if I do something wrong they will never punish me. Later I went back to the United States because I told my dad that I have changed so I went back.



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