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If you like ‘cook and eat’ detained Mamprusi 12 — Dr. Imoro fires Govt

Dr. Abu H. Imoro, a Mamprusi indigene of Bawku is accusing Interior Minister Ambrose Dery of taking a side in the Bawku Chieftaincy feud following the arrest and continuous detention of 12 elders of Mamprusi origin.

The Ph.D. holder who has been vociferous over the Bawku chieftaincy feud on social media says the government can decide to “cook and eat” the group of arrested Bawku elders who were unlawfully detained for more than 8 days before being brought to court.

In Gregory Afoko-like fashion, the state on three occasions refused to produce the detained Mamprusi 12 despite repeated court orders to do so.

Dr. Imoro who is aggrieved about the situation has been lamenting the abuse of the rights of the detained Mamprusi “suspects”.

This comes even after the government brought finality to the Bawku Chieftaincy feud by declaring the status of the Paramount Chief of Bawku as settled by the Supreme Court of Ghana in a case in April 2003, as the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs said in a statement last week which recognize Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II as the legitimate overload of the Bawku area.

To that end, the Ministry announced that claims that Bawku does not have an overlord and attempts to install a new Bawku Naba run contrary to the already determined position by the Supreme Court on the matter.

While this may appear settled, the state has continued to detain the Mamprusi 12 for which their lawyer, Martin Kpebu Esq considers an abuse of their fundamental human rights after an 8-day detention without a court order.

Dr. Imoro, who echoed the sentiments of their lawyer denied that the release of the 12 will lead to violence in Bawku as argued by the state in court yesterday.

“You arrest people in Bawku on frivolous charges that are a misdemeanor. You refuse to arraign them before a court in Bawku or even the Upper East. You bundle them and fly them to Accra as if the charges are some high-profile treasonable charges. You send them to Accra and for 8 days refuse to arraign them before a court or grant them a police inquiry bail thereby violating their fundamental human rights.” He wrote.

“Their lawyers are left with no option but to file a bail application. You refuse to produce them on two separate occasions and when you produce them after the 9th day your argument is that the circuit Court didn’t have jurisdiction because Accra is different from Bawku. So why then did you bundle them from Bawku to Accra? To show what? Where power lies? Just to violate their human rights? You also claim if they are granted bail there will be violence in Bawku. Says who?”

“We didn’t know you are in bed with trouble makers. And why should threats of violence by someone mean that you should violate the fundamental human rights of people? Are they not Ghanaians? And why are you paid as state officials? What is the use of the security stationed there? And why must innocent people suffer injustice because of someone else’s threat? Why can’t those people express their grievances in court rather than threatening mayhem? And why must you the state clothed with all the authority give in to these threats?

“This is a big disappointment and very soon this plot will be exposed. If the state wants they should cook the arrested people and chop” he said.







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