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JHS Graduates Advised To Focus On Their Education

Mr Daniel Fenyi , a counsellor and an Educationist, has advised junior high school students who just completed their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), not to sit idle at home but rather continue to improve themselves by studying.

Before sundown today Friday , November 19 2021, the examination bells will toll across the length and breath of the Nation Ghana heralding successful completion of 2021 edition of Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). Probably forgotten that BECE is just a transition to SHS and not an end in itself, Mr Fenyi said this to the JHS graduates as they completed today.

Mr David Fenyi said they should not abandoned their books but they should utilise the time to acquire skills as such computing, presentation, story writing as well as vocationally based ones to widen their scope of reach.

The newfound time could be used to nature life skills such as cultivating, entrepreneurial hobbies before entering Second Cycle Schools.

Mr Daniel Fenyi again said the graduates could also look into trading areas including tailoring, masonry, carpentry, electricals, hairdressing, and farming, adding that “all these are available for adventurous people”.

Counsellor Fenyi, said the graduates should avoid bad peer influences and comparisons, desist from laziness, gossiping, envy, drugs and sexual misconduct.

Some parents also said they are going to do their possible best to help their children to achieve their aim and get a brighter future.



Source: Nana Nyarko


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