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Kennedy Agyapong’s cross-examination postponed over ill health

The defamation suit brought against the Assin Central MP, Kennedy Agyapong, by Investigative Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has been adjourned by the court due to the health condition of the MP.

According to an report sighted by GhanaWeb, the proceedings of Thursday, December 16, 2021, after the legislator was reminded of his former oath, he prayed to the court to offer him a microphone because he had an issue with his voice. Due to the absence of the microphone, the MP was permitted to take off his nose mask so as to be heard.

After the initial first two questions, lawyers for Anas sought leave of the court to confer with lawyers for Kennedy Agyapong. Though the two lawyers spoke undertone, Agyapong’s lawyer retorted “just go ahead and do your cross-examination”.

Lawyers for Anas Aremeyaw Anas resumed their cross-examination, but it was noticed that Kennedy Agyapong wasn’t feeling well and his discomfiture could be seen from his facial expression and sitting posture.

As the MP continued to exhibit signs of agony from his sitting posture and demeanour in court, lawyers for Anas Aremeyaw Anas intimated to the judge that they would want to make an observation to the court.

They then intimated to the court that since the start of the proceedings of the day, they had observed that Kennedy Agyapong was in pain of a sort. They added that Kennedy Agyapong makes excruciating gestures from his seat.

Lawyers for the Investigative Journalist told the court that from the demeanour and state of Kennedy Agyapong, if he was unwell, then the case should be adjourned. In addition, the MP kept on visiting the washroom every few minutes before the case was called for hearing.

The learned judge upon hearing the observation made by lawyers for Anas directed both lawyers to approach the bench. Agyapong’s brother who is also his lawyer, predicted what the judge may want to discuss with both lawyers, upon reaching where Kennedy Agyapong was seated, he was heard asking Ken whether he (the lawyer) should agree to the imminent adjournment.

Kennedy Agyapong in a very mournful and excruciating tone was heard saying “adjourn adjourn adjourn”.

Eric Baah, JA, the presiding judge, after conferring with both lawyers for a while, announced in court that the proceedings of the day had been adjourned on health grounds.

Asked when the case could continue, Kennedy Agyapong’s lawyer said: “My Lord I can’t tell” as the MP was unable to indicate to the court when he would return from his medical treatment.

The case was adjourned to January 13, 2022, where another witness would be called.





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