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Kevin Taylor Give Reasons Why Scrapping Tolls Is Not Good For Ghana

The Ghanaian US based investigative journalist, Kevin Ekow Taylor has detailed that government scrapping tolls on our roads across the country is not the best thing government of Ghana has do. He feels that there are other things government can do to help reduce traffic issues finance minister talked about yesterday in the august house of parliament.

Kevin Taylor said that scrapping Tolls will eventually not solve the traffic “camouflaged” problem the Government is giving excuse of trying to solve.

He said if people drive from Takoradi to Accra, initially they will have to pay toll at Beposo just after crossing the Pra River but that Toll booth was moved from the Beposo township to about a 1000 metres away because at its old location, and it does cause heavy traffic of vehicles all the way to the bridge which helps in crossing the Pra River.

He said experts we are told suggested, such instances weaken the bridge which endanger travelers and motorists hence the decision to build a new toll booths which currently is about a 1000 metres away from the old spot.

He said now, even though the toll booth at Beposo township has been moved, local Police officers in Beposo in the Western Region has equally turned that same location into a checkpoint to collect monies from drivers. Kevin Taylor revealed that this move by the police is equally causing huge traffic on the stretch Ghanaians are told just like the location of the toll booth was believed to be causing.

According to Kevin Taylor, in the end, government solved one problem by creating an equally frustrating one.

“Trust me, even as the road minister has directed for all tolls to be suspended with immediate effect even before Parliament approves this directive captured in the Budget, these toll booths will become Haven for Ghana Police service officers for taking monies from drivers. They will clandestinely convert them into checkpoints and the traffic situation will only worsen because when cars get to that spot they will have to slow down just as they would have with the toll collectors” Kevin Taylor details.

He said the worse Traffic congestion on the N-1(Tema Motorway and Kasoa) road is not entirely because of the Toll booths but it is the inability of Ghana to expand these roads to contain the growing number of cars in the system.

He said if you drive beyond the West Hills Mall going to Kasoa, the lane becomes just two lanes each and it is same while driving on the motorway.

According to Kevin Taylor, most times, people get to the toll booth but there are no cars there.

“Instead of using the monies borrowed to expand these highways into 6 and 8 lanes, this government as usual want the easy and populist way out. Those at the base are those whose plight will further worsen.

This is obviously not a thinking Government because there are a dozen on roads within Accra with no Toll booths whose gridlock are worst than those with toll booths” Kevin Taylor suggested as he believe that scrapping tolls on our roads is not the best thing government has to do at this point in time.

He made this statement known on loud silence TV social media wall today.

Kevin Taylor Give Reasons Why Scrapping Tolls Is Not Good For Ghana 1



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