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Kevin Taylor Reveals What The Minority Can Do To Push NPP To Go To IMF

The Ghanaian US based investigative journalist, Kevin Ekow Taylor has disclosed that the minority in parliament have a task ahead coming Wednesday on 2022 budget as it he alleges that government is going to increase taxes to help them avoid going to IMF.

Kevin Taylor speaking on with all due respect show on loud silence TV stated that Ghana is broke and the only thing left for Ghana is to go to IMF and NDC MPs must block the high tax budget which the government will introduce on Wednesday.

According to Kevin Taylor, Ghana is not having any money and there is no space for NPP government to borrow so what they want to do now is to add some taxes in the 2022 budget to avoid going to IMF. He stated that when former President, John Dramani Mahama saw that Ghana don’t have enough money to invest in infrastructure projects, he call on Ghanaians and give reasons why he want to join the IMF and the nation agreed with him and people can see the results in the country.

Kevin Taylor stated that NPP is avoiding to go to IMF because they have already told Ghanaians that joining IMF is a bad thing but currently they are finding it difficult to tell Ghanaians that they wish Ghana go back to IMF. According to Kevin Taylor, the moment NPP go to IMF, Dr Bawumia cannot lead NPP into 2024 elections because he was the very person who told Ghanaians in 2014, 2015, and 2016 that joining IMF is a bad decision to be taken by any government.

He stated that the only thing NDC MPs can do to push NPP to go to IMF is to block the high tax budget that the government is going to introduced. They should walk out of parliament and then vote against it to show that they care about Ghanaians who voted for them.

To Kevin Taylor’s knowledge, the high taxes to be introduced is to help NPP government avoid going to IMF and help lures more investors as they have seen that the bond they float has failed and said the high taxes will not help Ghanaians today or tomorrow. He said if NDC MPs failed to do that then Ghanaians will see them as being part of Ghana’s problem.


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