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Man arrested after beating prophetess to ‘coma’

A 43-year-old, Kwabena Afriyie, has been arrested by the Anwiankwata District Police Command for beating his divorced wife, Prophetess Hagar Afriyie to coma.

The unfortunate incident which happened on Saturday night at Poano sent Hagar into a coma.

According to reports, the victim, Prophetess Hagar sustained various degrees of injuries and was later admitted to the Anwiankwata Government Hospital for treatment.

An eyewitness revealed that the victim was saved from the brutalities of her husband by a group of youth living within the area who stormed the house of the couples in the night to intervene in the situation.

Prophetess Hagar in an interview with Ghanaweb, after regaining her consciousness said, her divorced husband stormed the house on Saturday night at around 9:00 pm and told her that he had returned from a funeral at Manso Nkwanta and decided to check on his two children.

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Planning to commit the ungodly crime, the man later told her that it was late and cannot go back to Kumasi and have to pass the night of which the victim obliged.

Mr. Afriyie once chased her ex-wife with cutlass and threatened to kill her even before they divorced.

On that traitorous night, he miserably beat Prophetess Hagar because she refused to allow him use two fans in the room.

“To my surprise, he took a stick and started beating me until blood started oozing out of my nose,” this happened in the glare of their children, according to the victim.

A further investigation reveals that Kwabena Afriyie has been transferred from Anwiankwanta to the Bekwai divisional police command.

Prophetess Hagar Afriyie speaking to Ghanaweb pleaded with the police to deal with the husband since she’s afraid he might return to cause harm to her.


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